Aether Near-Space Science Challenge

Get your experiment a ride to near-space!

Aether II is opening its hatch to guest payloads. The Aether team wants classrooms all around the Bryant School District to develop experiments they would like to see conducted on the edge of space.

photograph captured by Aether I

Aether I reached an altitude of roughly 80,000 feet. Temperatures dropped below -40 degrees Celsius. Atmospheric pressure neared zero. Black space, blue atmosphere, and curvature of Earth are all strikingly visible from this altitude.

Participating classrooms will develop a proposal (document, booklet, video, presentation, poster, etc...) describing an experiment that would travel to 100,000 feet on board Aether II. Our team will evaluate the submissions based on their creativity, the potential value of data to be gathered, quality of the proposal, and the apparent preparedness of the group to execute a successful experiment. Operational concerns such as size, weight, power needed, and safety will also be considered when selecting a winning experiment.

photograph captured by Aether I

Submissions must be made by January 30th, 2015. The winning class(es) will then work with our Aether team to refine the experiment and modify Aether II as necessary to accommodate the new, experimental payload.

Click HERE for more details and a printable description of the Aether Near-Space Science Challenge 2K15.