Aether II

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May 29, 2015
Aether II Update
While we were immensely excited about the preparation and launch of Aether II, we're disappointed to report that at the time of this posting, Aether II is missing in action. While all went well on the launch site, the balloon was somewhat under-inflated, resulting in a slower than desired ascent speed. It was going to be a looong flight, but we were still hopeful, as our tracking was operating nicely... until around 15,000'. We assume communication was lost due to some sort of electrical failure. The last flight path prediction suggested a landing somewhere in Western Mississippi.

Aether II pre-launch info

Feb 19, 2015
Construction of Aether II is coming along nicely. Primary and Secondary hulls were constructed of the same rigid foam insulation as its predecessor. The dimensions of the new capsule are larger in proportion than those of Aether I by a couple inches in each axis.

Aether II internal hull dry fitting

Aether II external hull dry fitting

Aether II hull assembly

Aether II hull construction mostly complete

Aether I sitting alongside the larger, under construction Aether II capsule

Aether I tray inside Aether II - size comparison       construction of upfiring GoPro housing

Aether II with completed GoPro housing and surface treatments

mostly loaded

glamour shot
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