Bryant Middle School Photos/Videos

Students complete research projects around the new James Webb Space Telescope.

a quick look at the BMS VEX World Championship experience


Jason Price teaches PLTW's Gateway to Technology (GTT) classes at Bryant Middle School. In this video he discusses why STEM (Science Technology Mathematics & Engineering) education is important, and how PLTW curriculum and training has allowed him to teach STEM in such a dynamic fashion at BMS.

BMS engineering students visit Garver Headquarters in Little Rock

Earlier this spring, our PLTW Gateway to Techonology students visited Garver's office in North Little Rock. It was a great opportunity for these students to see a variety of engineering disciplines at work. Garver has been a long-time supporter of our program at Bryant Middle School and we greatly appreciate their help in making these opportunities available for our students.

Bryant Middle School's first appearance at the annual Ken Palmquist Duct Tape Boat Race

A look at the GTT class offered in 8th grade at Bryant Middle School

Students participate in a NASA project studying the James Webb Space Telescope

BMS teams compete in the state VEX Robotics Competition