Duct Tape Boat Racing 2013

Build a human-powered racing boat with nothing but duct tape and PVC, then race the boat around a pond in Bishop Park... Challenge accepted.

The H.E.S. Mamba dressed out and race ready.

The engineering department here at Bryant High School considered entering this race last year, but we were short on people, time, and resources. This year, we have H.E.A.T. and we're only too happy to bring it. H.E.A.T. has designed and constructed a surprisingly quick and agile watercraft for this year's race in roughly a week of design and four days of construction. Click here for more about the race.

H.E.A.T. members applying the first layer of duct-tape hull

The first design (on left) was scrapped in favor of a simpler design (on right) that was more appropriate for the remaining build time.

The new design proved to be more than competent in the water. After testing the boat with one paddler, two were attempted. Getting the paddlers situated in the boat can be tricky; in the photo above, it's quite clear that the weight is shifted a bit close to the rear.

The team was quite pleased with the performance of the boat in its initial testing. The boat was returned to the BHE shop to be further modified and "prettied up."

It's good to celebrate the early/small victories.

The vessel was given a full BHE Racing color scheme. It certainly looks fast. The BHE logo is absent, but making our logo out of duct tape was put on the back burner for a bit.

In initial testing, it was discovered that our paddles would take on water and get quite heavy. New designs were developed. (Paddles must also be made of duct tape and PVC.)

Finally, our motto graced the cockpit - "Make it happen."