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Meshmixer - download for Autodesk to clean-up 3-D prints

2015-2016 IED Course Tutorial Videos

Scooter Construction Videos

Watch and edit your Autodesk Inventor settings as shown in the INVENTOR SETUP tutorial at F:\dnorris\IED\Inventor Tutorials\User Interface Tutorials or watch the video below

Complete the following assignment. Save the parts in 9131....H:/IED/ISOS folder using file names 4.1 Model 1, 4.1 Model 2, etc. for each problem number. You can find tutorials at F:\dnorris\IED\Inventor Tutorials\Modeling Parts Tutorials if you need help.

4.1 - Model Creation Part 1

4.1 - Model Creation Part 2

4.1 - Model Creation Part 3

4.1 - Model Creation Part 4

When you finish making all of the parts, watch the tutorial 4.1 Part to Drawing File tutorial at F:\dnorris\IED\Inventor Tutorials\Modeling Parts Tutorials or you may use the link below on YouTube to see how you will submit your work for these parts.
4.1 - Part to Drawing File

Bicycle Design Tutorial

Bicycle Frame

Front Fork


Previous Course Years Instructional Videos

Puzzle Cube Assembly Video
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"Box Assembly and Interference Analysis"


"Puzzle Box Shell"


"Puzzle Box Adaptive Lid - Part I"

"Puzzle Box Adaptive Lid - Part II"

"Puzzle Box Adaptive Lid - Part III"