2015 Robots

This is a small peek at what BHE has been up to in robot design so far this season. Clearly, we want to keep a few ideas somewhat close to our chest, but here's a look at some of the ideas we've played with.


"Magic" competed in Greenville, TX against the-best-of-the-best

Awards and ranking:

The Create Award
7th place qualification rounds

"Millennium Falcon"

This robot consists of a Bar lift system,
tank drive and a conveyer belt system.
This design has been reconstructed into "magic"

"2 Chains"

This robot was made with 4 motor high speed linear lift,
4 motor tank drive, and 2 servo claw.
"2 Chains" is now decommissioned

Award and rankings:

Excellence Award at Springdale, AR
1st place and undefeated throughout qualification rounds


Only Used to test the DR4B lift system
The lift on DR4B was too unstable, so it was decommissioned.
Rest in peace DR4B