How long have you been competing in VEX Robotics competitions?

We have been competing in VEX since the spring of 2012.

Do you guys do nothing but robotics?
Our robotics team operates through our engineering student organization, H.E.A.T., and we do A LOT of crazy things here in addition to robotics. (Look around the rest of the site!)

How do I join a robotics team?
To join a robotics team, you need to be a member of H.E.A.T.. Once a member, you can choose any number of competitive and non-competitive engineering activities to participate in, robotics included!

Do you enjoy robotics?
Robotics is something that our entire team enjoys! We are all really dedicated to our robots, and we all love the game!

How many teams do you have in your program?

We have three teams, Hornet Engineering Blue, Hornet Engineering White, and Hornet Engineering Skunk Works Division.

How do you split up the work load between your teams?
We have a programmer, a few builders, and a few drivers. Everybody has a job that fits with their strengths, and skills.

What is the game for 2014-2015?
The 2014-2015 game is, Skyrise

How many robots have you built so far?
5 robots in total, 2 in 2013, and 3 in 2014.

Why are there so many different gear systems?
Each gear ratio has a different purpose, so it requires a lot of different gears to complete a robot. Torque is small to big gear, and speed is big to small gear. These are just a small portion of the uses of gears.

What is the function of the squares and diamonds on the metal plates?
The squares are used for the placement of screws. The diamonds are in .5 increments to make it easier to cut in a straight line.

What are the requirements for a robot?
The maximum width, height, and length is 18 inches. Those are the only requirements to enter in a competition.

Where are the Arkansas state competition held?