Welcome to Bryant Elementary

Bryant Middle School - Second Year Smash Hit

In this video, we get a peek at a second year PLTW GTT program at Bryant Middle School. Jason Price has done great work with the program and has truly pioneered what PLTW can do outside the high school levels. These kids are making it happen and have years of additional PLTW engineering courses to come. Awesome.

Bringing Engineering to Paron Elementary

Over the past few years, H.E.A.T. has been expanding to other schools in the Bryant School District. Paron Elementary is the newest addition to the Bryant Engineering family. Due to these kids increase interest in science, their test scores have dramatically improved.

Welcome to Bethel Middle School

One of our middle schools, which shows the expansion of our engineering resources and our development to encourage our young generation to be involved in engineering. Bethel Middle has shown great achievements and progress through out the whole program.

Paron Elementary Engineering Students Visit Hornet Engineering Center

On the BHS campus for a quiz bowl tournament, students from Paron elementary stopped by the Engineering Center to see where their lessons in PLTW's elementary program are leading. We're super excited to have students at the elementary level experiencing application of math at science in such a dynamic way. Paron and Bryant Elementary are both piloting the PLTW Launch curriculum this year. Be ready to see great things coming out of both as they get rolling this year.

Joining Our Team

Why did you join the Bryant High School Engineering team?
"I joined to further my knowledge in engineering for my future career." - Christian Herron

"I joined engineering, because it would give me a head start on learning the basics of becoming an engineer as I wish to one day." - Zack Foltz

"I joined engineering because it helps us learn for our future and provides us the experiences to encounter in our careers." -Stuti Chatterjee

"Engineering is a unique experience, for us to learn about robots and our future experiences" -Katlee Freaiser