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Dec 6, 2014

Hornet Engineering Hits Texas

Hornet Engineering's first Create Award

This weekend, a para-unit of Hornet Engineering dropped into VEX Robotics Competition in Greenville, TX. BHE saw this as an opportunity to see and compete with some of the country's top teams. Several teams attending the competition are internationally ranked in VEX Robotics Robot Skills and Programming Skills competition. Outside of the World Championships, this is the largest competition Hornet Engineering has attended. 70 high school and middle school teams were in attendance.

The small crew, made up of Harshdeep "Sunny" Uppal (Junior - Driver), Sarah Anderson (Junior - Spotter/Coach), and Joe Sartini (Sophmore - Programmer), did fantastic work in keeping up with the strong competition; landing in 7th at the end of qualifying rounds. The team formed a strong alliance, advanced to quarter finals of elimination rounds, and won Bryant Hornet Engineering's first Create Award.

Nov 7-8, 2014

Springdale Excellence Award Winners

Bryant Hornet Engineering's H.E.A.T. chapters (Bryant High and Bryant Middle) sent four VEX Robotics teams to the Springdale VEX Competition this weekend. Along the way, the group stopped for captivating tours of the University of Arkansas's Fay Jones School of Architecture and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. As our PLTW programs include studies in Architecture, we were thrilled to offer this opportunity to some of our top students.

BHS and BMS robotics teams celebrate a victory

On Saturday, our high school and middle school teams competed in their first VEX Robotics competition of the season. Team 5691B, Hornet Engineering - Blue, finished qualification rounds in first place and undefeated (the only undefeated robot of the day). Alliance mechanical failures and outright poor fortune knocked 5691B out of the semi-finals; but ultimately, the team's solid performance, engineering notebook, and exceptional interviews with judges about their engineering process earned the team the Excellence Award - the highest honor in VEX competition, awarded to the best all-round team. Not a bad day.

Apr 25, 2014

Vex Robotics World Championship Division Quarter Finalists

Mar 1, 2014

VEX Robotics State Champions
H.E.A.T. has wrapped up the 2014 regular VEX Robotics season as State Champions, making them eligible (the second year in a row) for the 2014 World Championship in Anaheim, CA. Team 5691X, BHE Skunkworks Division, and its alliance partners won the State Tournament. 5691X also earned this year's Design Award for its advanced and efficient design as well as the team's exceptional engineer's notebook that documented the design process. Teams 5691B, Hornet Engineering Blue, and 5691W, Hornet Engineering White, finished as semi-finalists when they were beaten by 5691X. Team 5691B, Hornet Engineering Blue, also won the Robot Skills Competition with Nick Gatlin as pilot.

All three teams overcame early issues that cost them heavily in qualification matches to scratch up respectable standings; but by elimination rounds, the bugs were worked out and all three robots performed brilliantly. Team 5691X's robot, X1, was generally acknowledged as the strongest competitor of the day once it managed to rid itself of troublesome electronics issues. Bryant had "another strong showing" in Arkansas's second state championship.

Bryant High School H.E.A.T. members and coaches strike a pose with their awards.

Bryant Middle School teams, Tyrannosaurus VEX and Spartan H.E.A.T., performed very well in their first VEX competition, with the girls' team finishing as semi-finalists allied with two Bryant High School teams. Again, they were only beaten in semi-finals by Bryant High School's 5691X. These teams show great promise in adding to our High School program.

All five Bryant teams plan to compete in one more post-season tournament that is to be held in Fayetteville, AR on April 19th. Team 5691X plans to attend this year's VEX Robotics World Championship in Anaheim, CA on April 23-26.

Feb 8, 2014

2014 VEX Robotics Season

While the season did not start when we were hoping (due to multiple competitions being unpreventably cancelled), the season should kick-off on Bryant's home turf on February 8th... weather permitting. The teams (2 high school, 2 middle school) are very eager to compete for the first time in this year's game - VEX Toss Up. Rock and roll.

Nov 2, 2013

BEST Robotics - Best Performance

Six weeks after the kick-off, a small team representing H.E.A.T. arrived at the 2013 competition and executed one of the best BEST performances in Bryant High School history, winning 1st Place - Most Robust Machine, 1st Place - Spirit and Sportsmanship, and 5th in overall robot performance competition. This is great start to what H.E.A.T. hopes will be a monumental robotics season. The team will take brief, one-week breather before diving into 2014 VEX Robotics Competition.

Nov 1, 2013

VEX is Coming to Bryant

It's official; Bryant will host a regional VEX competition for the 2014 game - "TossUp" on February 8, 2014. The event will be hosted at the Bryant Middle School gym, thanks to the collaborate efforts of Bryant Middle School and Bryant High School Engineering staff and the much appreciated enthusiasm of the Bryant Middle School administration. It is exciting to mention that the Bryant Middle School H.E.A.T. Chapter will be fielding two new VRC teams this year alongside the teams from their Bryant High School H.E.A.T. counterparts. It's going to be a big year for Bryant Hornet Engineering.

Sept 21, 2013

BEST Robotics - Kicked Off
While half of the H.E.A.T. crew gathered at Bishop Park for the 2013 Ken Palmquist Duct Tape Boat Race, a small group of BHE students attended the kickoff ceremonies for this year's BEST Robotics competition. The team hopes to greatly improve their performance from last year and have a great time taking on this new challenge.
See our dedicated 2013 BEST Robotics page to see more about this year's challenge and follow BHE's progress.


May 23, 2013

New Ideas

This is Albert. Right now, he looks like a little tangle of wires. Albert is the first of a small series of test bots that will help the team master programming skills that will make them more competitive in the coming season. While Romulus and Remus were solid, proficient robots; they were less than intelligent. Albert is destined to become very clever. He is equipped with 2 ultrasonic range finders, 2 optical encoders, 4 line followers, 2 small motors, chain drive, a couple push buttons, and a few LEDs... at the moment. Albert is very much on the other end of the spectrum from Romulus and Remus.

April 20, 2013

World Championship - Anaheim, CA

BHE Robotics Team enjoying the VEX Robotics World Championship

Bryant Hornet Engineering had a short, but monumental first season in VEX Robotics competition. After winning the Excellence Award at Arkansas's first TSA VEX Robotics Competition, the team competed in Anaheim, CA for the international title. With a 7-3 record in the qualifying rounds, Hornet Engineering Blue (5691B) tied for 19th of 84 teams in their division and, overall, 91st of 420 World Championship qualifying high school teams from 25 countries. Finishing in the top quarter of the world's finest is not too bad for a debut World Championship performance. The team truly enjoyed the experience and is determined to better this performance in the 2014 season.
"We will be back."

See BHE videos from the World Championship here!

BHE Robotics Team visiting the PLTW booth at the VEX World Championship
Left to right (back row): John Williams (coach), William Wyeth, Zach Heath, Zack Foltz, Ashley Harris, Colum Costello, Chance Levinson, Jonathan Austin, Josh Lawson, Debbie Norris (coach)
(front row): Rex Hearn, Dylan Wilcox, Ryan West, Isaiah Stefan

February 23, 2013

Arkansas' first VEX Robotics Competition - Arkansas Tech
BHE Robots
Romulus (left) and Remus (right) pose with the VEX Excellence Award
Meet the robots here.

Remus, with team 5691B, won the day. Piloted by Isaiah Stefan, Remus also won first place in the VEX Driver Skills Challenge.
Fun fact: Remus, modeled after Romulus, was constructed in less than 3 days.

Romulus had a rough day (needed a couple quick repairs), but performed very well. If not for a technicality, Romulus and team 5691W would have been sitting in the #1 spot after qualification rounds with Remus and team 5691B in second. Romulus also placed 3rd in the Driver Skills Challenge, piloted by Jonathan Austin.

See the full results from the state competition here.