PLTW Summit 2016 - Let Them See It - Support

First off, thanks for attending the session! I hope it gave you all some ideas for promoting your program using projects, video, youtube, websites, etc...
Feel free to contact me at if I can be of any help or if you have questions that I might be able to address here for others' benefit.

I'll try to make the original presentation available soon, but I'll have to swap local videos out for youtube links, I think. I'll figure that out.

Any feedback on the presentation itself is also welcome. It's the first time I've done one quite like this and I'm all about improving it for any future audiences.

Here are some links that I hope might be of use to you -

Quick Bryant Hornet Engineering Links -
Our Video Library
Our YouTube Channel
Our updated webpage

Equipment -
As I said before, I readily recommend DSLRs to most everyone because the image quality is tough to beat for anything close to the cost of these ever-cheapening cameras. There are others that fit into this category (translucent mirrors, mirrorless), and there are new models every few months; so these links largely take you to the manufacturers sites, allowing you to do research on your brand of choice. I'm a Sony user, but you can get great results from most any of these at any price - from reasonable to outrageous. I presently used a Sony A77 (personal) and our department has a Sony A58. Either of these will take the old Minolta Maxxum lenses - one of the most frequently used lenses is an old Maxxum 2.8 28mm that I got off eBay for well under $100.
- DSLR -
- - Sony
- - Canon
- - Nikon

- Stabilization (active) -
Certainly not a "must," but very cool if funding comes around.
- - DJI
- - - We've got a "Ronin" and an "Osmo." We also run a Phantom II and Inspire 1 drones. I've been pretty satisfied with DJI products and we typically purchase them through, as DJI is China-based and direct dealings exposed some communication issues. The "Ronin M" would have been our stabilization of choice if it had existed at the time, as it's a good bit smaller/lighter and more appropriate for our uses. HERE is a cool blog written by a good friend of mine. It shows a lot about our working with the Ronin on a music video shoot last summer. Too fun.

- Stabilization (less active) -
- - Slider
I borrowed one of these from our A/V Tech dept. They produce a really great effect and don't cost a ton. An even cheaper option is the "roller skate" dolly. These can most anything a slide can do, but you don't have the option of using a tripod or two to get it off the ground or tabletops.

Software (free)-
I mentioned in the session that I used iMovie for virtually everything you'll find on our channel. If you steer clear of the cheesier transitions and text, it is a very easy and intuitive interface. I've purchased Adobe's Creative Cloud, but have yet to learn Premier. Premier is much more powerful (particularly when After-Effects is employed with it), but is a totally different set-up. Not much more difficult necessarily, but very different. I'll get to it someday.
Windows Movie Maker
Lightworks Free

Software (not free)-
Final Cut
Adobe Premier (Adobe offers education/educator discounts.)
Adobe After Effects
AVS Video Editor
Sony Vegas
Corel Video Studio

Software How to -
Coming soon